Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

The Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan was going to be conveyed to the community for consultation and feedback prior to its adoption in 2018 and this process required an identity to focus attention and to help communicate new ways for communities to decide the future of the places where they live and work.

Work to develop a plan for Stonehouse took place between September 2013 and March 2016 and concluded with a referendum on 23 November 2017 when 85.2% of electors casting a vote, voted to accept the plan.

Stroud District Council formally adopted the plan on 22nd February 2018. It is now a statutory planning document that can be used when the District Council decides planning applications within Stonehouse.

Work completed

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  • Banner
  • Brochure
  • Direct Mail

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June 1, 2017