Railton Consultants are a provider of robust, reliable Eco IT systems and are interested in producing solutions for the long term. Due to their industrial background, they produce systems which are well thought through and subjected to extensive testing. Their clients stay with them for many years which is unusual in industry which is known for short-termism.

Their solutions are tried, tested and tested again to be proof against almost any eventuality before they go to market. This helps them minimise their support activity and keeps their charges as low as possible.

At Railton Consultants, they also believe in working with local businesses and try to support their local community. They believe in businesses being integrated with the local community and try to support a sustainable and healthy world for all. With this in the front of their minds they wanted to launch the Railton Business Base (RBB) a linked pair of secure servers and supporting software that you own. It mirrors your business data to another location of your choice over a high security private tunnel through the Internet that only your system has the key to.

Following an exercise I carried out in ‘mood boarding’ and ‘brand focusing’, together with Railton I produced a visual identity, brand fit and packaging for the server itself. This was developed alongside the initial marketing material created to help the telemarketing team approach potential new clients.

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Work completed

  • Business Cards
  • A4 Flyer
  • Packaging
  • Mood Boards

Branding, Print, Web


April 1, 2019