Nature’s Wisdom

Nature’s Wisdom

Nature’s Wisdom made an approach on the back of a successful branding campaign for another of my clients – Suzanne Sutherland’s Thermographic Imaging business, asking for help to create a strong new brand to promote natural health to sophisticated, intelligent and open-minded individuals, whilst avoiding the extremes often associated with complimentary healthcare by being either too “new-age” or too overly clinical.

The overall objective being to promote awareness and attract a wider client base to a niche but growing services industry.

A strong, informative website was called for, which promoted Nature’s Wisdom established ‘Inner Circle’ membership – made up of existing loyal clients, and a new blog area where the Nature’s Wisdom team, new and existing clients and other site visitors could share ideas and experiences.

A fresh and appealing identity was created using the ‘N’ and ‘W’ to create a natural swirl graphic, with an attractive and refreshing website design which would attract new clients but not alienate the already loyal client base, giving users the facility to become part of a growing movement – the ‘Inner Circle’ – with 2 tiers of membership, and the opportunity to learn more about natural health from the Nature’s Wisdom blog, with purchases made easier by the addition of Paypal functionality.

View the Nature’s Wisdom website here.

Work completed

  • Logo
  • Business Card
  • Website
  • Enewsletters

Branding, Print, Web


May 9, 2017