Lewisham Disability Coalition

Lewisham Disability Coalition

I was asked by Lewisham Disability Coalition (LDC), an independent South London organisation which aims to help and support disabled people with a wide range of welfare related issues, to effectively carry out a full re-branding exercise.

The re-brand was to include designs for a new Logo, Leaflet, Stationery, Signage and Display Boards, all in an effort to improve awareness of LDC as an “umbrella” organisation amongst the disabled community which it serves, and to more clearly communicate exactly what services it is able to provide to potentially new and existing clients.

As an organisation whose mission it is to help, advise and assist local disabled people with living a full and independent life, LDC were keen to avoid the use of stereotypical and often patronising images of people with disabilities, instead looking towards a brand strategy which focuses on the positives, is contemporary, but legible enough for those clients who may have sight and/or learning disabilities.

I created an eye-catching, modern yet clear range of materials which encapsulated that brief perfectly, resulting in instant praise from its’ target audience and others connected with LDC, giving it a bright, bold, positive new face for the future.

Work completed

  • Logo
  • Stationery
  • Leaflet
  • Display Boards
  • Signage

Branding, Print


November 1, 2009