Jo Byrne MCSD is a Creative Director with over 20 years design and strategic marketing experience, having worked in London and Southampton based design agencies from Ogilvy, Fitch, 141 Worldwide, MBA and Portland Design to name a few.

Her extensive background within design paved the way for her to establish ‘Jo Mew Creative’, a ‘Collective’ of creative professionals led by Jo based in Gloucestershire and the South East.

Jo is also Head of Creative at Brands2Market.

Jo can offer guidance and design services to clients large and small both in and outside the UK. She has a passion for design and understands the key benefits that creativity and marketing can bring to you and your business.

She is also a member of the Chartered Society of Designers, which is governed by Royal Charter and as such its members are obliged to practice to the highest professional standards.

Every person and business is unique, Jo recognises this and works with her clients as individuals, getting the best from them and they in turn get the best from her. Jo believes in building long term relationships with her clients, that are formed from a mutual respect and an understanding of her clients business objectives and the best way to realise them.

Jo Mew Creative offer a full range of branding, print and web services.

So contact Jo now and see how she can help your business vision come to life call 01452 226104 or email jo@jomewcreative.com


The Jo Mew Creative ‘Collective’

Each Jo Mew Creative ‘Collective’ member is specially selected for the project in hand, led by Jo Byrne and assembled from a loyal circle of well-seasoned professionals, key collective members are:

Paul Weinstein

Brand Strategist & Copywriter

Dave Green

Animator, Illustrator & Designer

Gareth Vaughan

Creative Developer

Kate Mew

Content Strategist, Information Architect & Copywriter

Andy Cahill (Photoworks)


Mark Johnson


Peter Cottrell
(Triumph Print Solutions)


John Gason (Zeta Printing Services)


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